Our Strategy & Values (2018-2021)

We have established Tasheel Online Government Transactions Center based on the vision of the UAE 2021. Through its initiatives, the Center has endeavored to achieve the Government’s strategic objectives, primarily Emiratisation, flexibility and productivity in the business market.

Our strategic plan at the center of Tasheel Government Transactions aims to facilitate the provision of government services 24 hours 7 days through a consultant to encourage the citizens of the state and increase the national competencies of working in the private sector and build a comprehensive system to delight the customer happiness.


  • Emiratisation.
  • Customer happiness.

Diversity of government services and building a comprehensive system to delight the customer happiness and contribute to the Emiratisation.


  1. Respect for human dignity
  2. Integrity and honesty
  3. Trust and respect
  4. Initiative.
  5. Creativity and innovation
  6. Leadership and excellence
  7. Customer happiness
  8. Learning and development
  9. Team spirit
  10. Sustainability
Strategic Goals

  1. Enabling national human resources
  2. Enhancing the efficiency of the business market
  3. Ensure the provision of premium services
  4. Establishing a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment
  5. Increasing the services of 24 Seven Government Transactions Center
  6. Improve customer relations with 24 Seven Government Transactions Center
  7. Access the easiest way to the customer and provide the best services 24/7
  8. Contribution to Emiratisation
  9. Achieve UAE Vision 2021

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